Welcome to the Velocity Opportunity.com South Africa page. The only product offered in South Africa at this stage is Pocket Classrooms. To find out more, see the Pocket Classrooms website by clicking here. On that website, you will be able to find out more about the product and the business opportunity.

Once you are ready to sign up as an Independent Supplier, you will be redirected back to this website, www.velocityopportunity.com to register. Pocket Classrooms is a product of Velocity Opportunity.com and by signing up with Velocity Opportunity.com you will be able to access its products that will be launched in the future under one "umbrella name", using one cellphone App that covers all products.


Pocket Classrooms is a virtual or internet based product. It is subscription based which means you earn commission month after month from the same sale without having to work any harder! That’s called residual income.

You make money in two ways; firstly by distributing the products and services to your own customers, whether by referring them to the product website or in person. Secondly, your earn commission from all the sales made by those you have introduced into the business that become Suppliers.

As a Supplier, the system you will use is easily duplicatable, and you are provided with all the support and tools you need to be successful! We handle all the customer queries, all you do is refer them to the relevant product and opportunity websites with the help of your unique tracking links. They click on those links and we track any successful sign ups and link them to your account. You can then monitor your commissions earned from both those customers and Suppliers that have signed up as a result of clicking on your links. You will still have to talk to them and answer any questions they may have and explain a few things that we will teach you in our free training.

What have you got to lose? The choice to sign up is entirely yours. You have the power. If you sign up today, your life will never be the same. If you don’t sign up today, we guarantee you that your life tomorrow will be the same as it was before you watched the opportunity video!


How it works


Step 1

Sign up for free as an Independent Supplier via the link sent to you by an existing Supplier. Receive your welcome letter and login details. Download the free App and access the free training and start building your business.


Step 2

Start networking and using the skills you have learned via the training section to successfully promote the product/s of your choice and the business opportunity.


Step 3

With your unique sign up links that you access in your App, refer those that want to make some extra money to sign up as Suppliers. They will go to this website link. Once they start producing, you start earning!


Step 4

Do more and more of Steps 2, 3 and 4. Also, refer potential customers to the product website. They will go to this website link. Once they sign up, you start earning! Build your own monthly "cash generating machine" and take control of your life and your finances!

Download our Mobile App (via the app icon you use below) and manage your business via your cell phone, whether on the move or wherever you may be located!