Looking for a business that you can build and manage from home, a coffee shop, a beach or anywhere in the world via a laptop or cell phone? Want to travel, explore, adventure but don’t know how to pay for it? Want to increase your monthly income but don’t know how?


We do!

Want to have an international business that allows you to live your life
as though it belongs to you? Looking for real freedom?

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Look no farther than the best-rated Business Opportunity that-

  • Costs nothing to register
  • Requires no monthly or ongoing fees
  • Does not involve stock
  • Has no deliveries
  • Involves no handling of money during the sales process
  • Can be worked from anywhere in the world and is truly a global business
  • Earns US Dollars wherever you live
  • Earns you ongoing residual income from your efforts plus income from the sales of those you refer that signup(residual income means you earn income from your customers, month after month with no extra effort. They sign up once, and you earn for as long as they remain a customer!)
  • Can be entirely managed via our mobile app (for either Android or Apple)


All our products are services are internet based and can be used by customers worldwide. They are also subscription based which means you earn commission month after month from the same sale without having to work any harder!

For most of the products you don’t need to do actual selling of the product, rather you come on board as an Independent Referrer, and make money by referring customers to our various product websites for more information. If they have any questions or need any technical or other support, they contact us directly. You are left alone to focus on referring new customers and adding to your monthly income pile!

Commissions start at 20% of the selling price and you can earn 5% of all the sales made by those you introduce into the business as Referrers.

It’s as simple as that!


How it works


Step 1

Sign up for free as a Referrer via the link on this page. Receive your welcome letter and login details. Watch our easy to use tutorials.


Step 2

Refer customers. Start referring those you know to one or more of our product websites. If they become customers, you start earning!


Step 3

Refer those that want to make some extra income or want to build a passive income stream. If they start producing, you start earning!


Step 4

Do more and more of Steps 2 and 3. Build your passive, monthly cash income business!

Download our Mobile App (via the app icon you use below) and run your entire business via your cell phone, whether on the move or wherever you may be located!